nous little experiment

Eve Code: Failess from the hit MMO Elsword swearing to god she is normal even though she's not really. Eve is me doing this pn the whim because I'm ill.

created 03/24/22 (12:44am)

a work in progress while i learn how to code a working site.
you can join me in my... experience :)

link to nothing of importance

scream into the void:

~~~ About Nou ~~~
the ugly version of my carrd lol
hello. this a project that i want to work on for fun so that i can finally get off the hell of social media... probably.

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  • Current Fixation: Elsword
  • Interests:
    • Japanese Music :')
    • Drawing
    • Learning random stuff at 12am and them hoping to god i dont drop the project in a month.
    • Manga
    • Magic the Gathering
    • Beyblades